“For me it is all about elements… I like playing those kind of tracks that burn like fire and float like water, regardless of genre and style. If sound travels four times quicker in water and the brain consist of 80% water, music just has to be a good way to communicate.” 


Written in stone

At the end of the day it´s the dissimilarity of the elements to which we owe thanks for the diversity of the world we live in. The entire universe is formed from material particles in the act of elements and it´s the combination of ingredients that makes the difference. I´ve always tried to use the right elements for certain purposes and to combine their qualities in the adequate contexts and quantities.

My intention is to mix elements in innovative and original manners. My debut release was actually a fusion of otherworldly Native American chant, breaks and ambient sounds and it stood out massively when it came out in the early 90s, like fresh air and crystal-clear water in those days of increasingly hard, industrial dance music.

Featuring Iroquois spiritual leader Joanne Shenandoah and co-produced with Sven Väth´s production team Mosaic with legendary producers A.C. Boutsen & Stevie B Zet it became the first release on the Techno shaman´s newly founded Eye Q label, a record that would get played alongside the tunes of Massive Attack and KLF by House DJs and Techno heads alike.

Wherever the wind blows…

For me playing extended weekend sets at venues like the Panorama Bar in Berlin or the Robert Johnson in Frankfurt did not contradict my rural Ibiza background, to which I would return after my long nights out.

To me producing million-selling sunset-classics, releasing Techno tracks on international cult labels, recording the late piano legend Friedrich Gulda´s venture into electronic music or writing parts for the soundtrack of Hollywood director Barbet Schroeder´s recent “Amnesia” movie are just further examples of the diversity of the elements and their limitless combinations. I just intend to focus on the essential and to manifest my visions.

Burning like fire

After having spent large parts of my youth in the inner circle of Frankfurt´s vibrant electronic music scene, having fronted a Punk Rock band in my teenage years and having lived the excitement and buzz of the early days of Techno in the legendary Omen and Dorian Gray, on the first Love Parades, on illegal warehouse parties etc., at some point I decided that it was time to pack up my studio and move on to new shores.

The special connection I always kept with the sound of Frankfurt is characterized by an abundance of fire and earth. In 1995 Sven honoured my work again, by playing my new release “Fuera” at the inauguration party of my label O.M.M. Sounds on Ibiza´s Cala Jondal beach. When the record was dropped, synchronized fireworks went off and the stunned crowd of locals, hippies, ravers and the rich and famous witnessed a truly memorable and trend-setting moment. Only a few years later I started my residency at Cocoon/Ibiza, where I already had the honour to share the cabin with some of the most respected and inspiring artists of our time, including Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Marco Carola and many more.

Floating like water…

Maybe it was my strong longing for freedom and all-including unity that brought me to Ibiza in 1993, at this time still an enclave of secret open air parties, proper Hippy culture, dusty dirt-roads and affordable rents. Maybe it was the sound of the music in the air, with the sweet promise of Utopia… however, the island was meant to be my next destination and I was really happy about how I was received and integrated by the island and its musical scene. Sooner than I could have hoped for, I already felt part of the very fabric of this unique dream machine.

My formative years on the Balearic isle consisted of an ever-changing mixture of wood, water, air, earth, fire… and plenty of ether… the quintessential element beyond the material world, the incorruptible medium of sound, inaccessible to all other senses… During those years I learned from the grounded-ness of the island´s country life, combining it with the new possibilities of modern technology in my studio in the hills, where I would hide away to hone my skills and confirm my artistic vision.

Vision of elements…

One of my primary goals has always been to combine all kinds of elements or categories of sensory experience in my productions. The vigorousness and courage of fire in my dj sets and dance productions, the mildness and compassion of water in my Balearic classics and the experience symbolized by the bark of a growing tree in my professional day to day.

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